Brits Abroad

Each year, thousands of British holiday makers flock to the Costa Brava in Spain and a large percentage of those go to Benidorm.

Benidorm is has quite the reputation of being the tourist destination of the British working classes who holiday abroad. The town in the summer is lined with British tourists hoping to catch the sun in an environment where they are not challenged by a different language, food or culture. 

Benidorm really is like a British seaside resort but 20 degrees hotter. Throngs of restaurants proudly proclaim “English Breakfasts” and Union Jacks fly high from the tops of bars.

Mobility scooters are the norm here and they even have tandem ones. Anyone can hire one and people do with seemingly able bodied people driving them around.

Despite this, if you scratch a little deeper, you can find many a Spanish bar, restaurant and shops. There is also a thriving gay scene in the town, a sign of more openness and acceptance than the town first seems. 

Benidorm is so infamous in the UK that a television series called “Benidorm” was made and ran for several series. 

Whatever you think of Benidorm, the only way you can really experience this place is by going yourself. Even if it was only for a day like me. 

These photos are of Benidorm and the Brits that holiday there.

All shot on Ilford HP5+. 

© Chris Marchant
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