Ongoing Project - Fridges

This is an ongoing project I am working on looking at what the interior of people's fridges tell us about their personalities and lives. 

In this series I photographed the interiors of people's fridges on a random day and asked them not to tidy it or change anything inside it. I also interviewed them and recorded their answers.
Our fridges are an insight in to ourselves. It is a place that is hidden and only a few see. It is a place that reflects are social status, our buying habits, our beliefs and much more.

In this project I am exploring many themes. People's buying habits, their personalities and how this affects this and their tidiness and importance of their fridge. Their attitudes, morals and political beliefs and how or if this was reflected in any way. Their childhoods and how this still affects us in to adulthood with product choices and how we view food. How food is or isn't important to people. How advertising influences them. How we are all bonded in the human experience.
These and many more I find can be explored by opening a person's fridge. 

Over a longer period of time I aim to have a wide cross section of society and interviews to eventually put in to a book.

All these were taken on medium format Kodak Ektar 100. 

© Chris Marchant
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