Travelling in London at night - A project for my Central Saint Martins course in Reportage Photography.

Travelling at night is my favourite time. All the most interesting people are travelling after dark. The drunks, the night workers, the people who have been in the office all day, the students, the homeless, the lovers, the gangs, the lads, the ladies, the musicians…all coming together to travel through the darkness.

I wished to show how we can all relate to the people that are in the photographs. Most people can relate to falling asleep on the train, been exhausted after overtime, been intoxicated, passionately kissing your lover as you say goodnight, being anxious on the underground and being entertained by echoes of music booming down tunnels. 

All taken on 35mm Ilford HP5+. Pushed to ISO1600

© Chris Marchant
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