The world which we live in today enables us to have more opportunities and cross class barriers than ever before. Our lives are less prescribed than in times gone by where definitions of being a man were set out and the roles which that encompassed were often clearer. Where does this leave masculinity in the modern world and are men still clinging on to the roles of the past? Where is ‘man’ heading and can ‘he’ really be defined today?

What Makes a Man? Explores how men perceive themselves in the world, the expectations of men, how they relate to other men and the role which fathers play in defining themselves. Eight videos combined with stills show a diverse range of men who share their thoughts and feelings on how they became the man they are today and how they feel that the changing ideas of maleness and masculinity in society affects them.

These eight men from a wide age range show how their personal experiences and past can shape ideas of who they are as man and how being a man influences the choices which they make in their lives.

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